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Music Discovery Workshop

The best age to start music lessons is right after Kindergarten. The reason is that students at this age are starting to understand reading, writing and math skills. Music entails and supports all of those subjects. However, many parents want to get to an early start and that is what this class is designed for. This age group does great with rhythm concepts. Understanding quarter notes and rests, half notes and rests, whole notes and rests are easy for our youngest students. They can clap or play the rhythm concepts on the keyboard or piano. They also learn how to identify the different keys of the keyboard or piano. All of the work is done in class and practicing is not required at this level. Once they complete Kindergarten, they will then be promoted to the one hour lesson where they will be introduced to the music notation (ABC’s of music). Once they join the one hour class, the discipline and dedication to practice will be required.
1223 S. Park Victoria Milpitas,
California 95035
3237 S. White Road San Jose,
California 95148