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Why Leffler Academy of Music


Darrell Leffler’s Academy of Music

Darrell Leffler’s Academy of Music’s specialty is making lessons fun. It is important for your child to not only get a strong music education, but to enjoy and have fun with the experience. They meet new friends and the class becomes a social event. Our teachers use games, humor and laughter to bring the joy of music to every student.



What People Are Saying!

“Greg Farbizio is a phenomenal vocal coach and mentor. He taught me the fundamentals of vocal pedagogy and gave me opportunities to sharpen my live performance skills. He was very knowledgeable, patient, funny, caring, and overall a kind human being. I really enjoyed my vocal classes with Greg and highly recommend him to anyone wanting to improve their singing abilities and take their career to the next level!”

Tracy Cruz

Multi-award winning music artist, former student

"Greg Farbizio is more than a vocal coach. He has been my mentor, my champion and an amazing friend to my family and I for twenty years. I have had the privilege of coaching with some of the most notable in the industry, but I’ll always prefer training with Greg. He puts so much heart and enlightenment in his work and genuinely cares for each and every one of his students. He cares not only for vocal progress, but the art of finding your own artistry. Choosing Greg as your coach will add so much to your journey as an artist. You won’t regret it!

Thia Megia

American Idol Finalist, former student

Mr. Greg is a great teacher. My voice and confidence has improved a lot under his guidance. He gave me confidence and also taught me in the best way possible. Mr. Greg is an awesome teacher and I really like singing practice under his guidance!

Aarush Kumar


Mr. Farbizio is an absolute treat to work with, he is a very nice teacher who cares about the well being of his students. He pushed me to expand my vocal range, and to come out of my shell to perform in shows. He is great at suggesting songs that will compliment and stretch your voice, helping you during practice, and making sure you're able to do it to a 'T'! Mr. Farbizio is great at his job, knows how to communicate with students, and always manages to put a smile on your face during practice!


Former Student

Greg is a true example of what a music teacher and mentor should be. Greg goes above and beyond for his students and their families. I took voice and piano lessons with him for many years. Greg has helped build my confidence. Now I perform professionally with many local bands in the Bay Area and have performed in major festivals including SXSW and Sundance Film Festival. He also coached my younger sister who eventually won national talent competitions, sang on national television, and appeared in an independent short film. I highly recommend Greg Farbizio!

Lionel Briones

Former Student

Greg has been teaching for over 40 years. He is always positive and gives the kids a great direction. Greg has had students sing the National Anthem at sporting events and compete in shows. It has been exciting to watch the growth of his students and seeing how excited and prepared they are to perform for an audience.

Maryan Perreira

Former Student

I love music more than anything. Over the last 4 years, my voice has improved greatly, and all the credit goes to my teacher, Mr. Greg Farbizio. He not only encouraged me to feel the songs that I sing, but also taught me in the most friendliest way. Mr. Greg is a talented, gentle and soft-hearted teacher. He is one of the best singing teachers one can expect!

Shreya Kumar


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