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Private Piano vs Group Piano Lessons

Many parents often wonder what is better, private or group lessons. At Darrell Leffler’s Academy of Music, we strongly advise starting with group lessons. The reason is that they are considerably less expensive and your child will not only learn how to play the piano, but learn how to read and write music (music theory).

Our classes are very strong in teaching music theory. Thirty minute private lessons do not leave enough time to cover this important concept, whereas the one hour lesson gives the teacher plenty of time. But more importantly, the piano classes are fun and will really bring out your child’s interest in music. We play games during the lesson to enhance the learning and the kids love it. Once your child reaches level three of our program, then theory and piano technique will be strong enough to play the classics of Mozart and Beethoven, as well as Pop and Jazz. That takes about a year or two, depending on each child.

Private lessons are effective too, however children often quit after a period of time because the interest wanes. There is a lot of practice and discipline for lessons to be effective and private lessons are not as fun because of the adult/child relationship. To a child, it seems like work. In our classes, students learn music with their peers and make friends, resulting in long term interest.